Our History


The label Maison Suneve, based in Hamburg Germany, was founded in 2011 by the designer and contemporary artist Katharina Margaretha Charlotte Czemper. It blurs the boundaries between fashion, art and club culture keeping high fashion standards at all time.

Katharina Czemper has studied Fashion Design at HAW Hamburg, Germany and Fine Arts at Kalon Technon Athens, Greece. After her studies she worked for some time in Berlin and Paris for several fashion labels before she founded Maison Suneve and opened the flagship store in Hamburg.
Characterized by street styles of the 90s and early 2000's, combined with european Avantgarde design elements, inspired by music beats, architecture and dreams. Maison Suneve’s mission was always to rethink, rebuild and reimagine fashion. The Label is strongly influenced by Music and its Subculture. There has always been strong connection between music and fashion for the designer.
Besides the high quality basic pieces, like merino wool knitwear products, produced in small family factories in Germany, she invents new future classics, like long thin nylon Coats or “slip on” dresses made of recycled silk. All items have this vibe of Haute Couture & Sportswear mixture. The idea is, to reinvent old classics and give them a new contemporary story, playing with new and old, Tradition and Future. The highly creative Label loves to reinvent traditional handcraft as well as to experiment with natural colouring and colour die forms.

Fair and eco friendly production is a fundamental point of Maison Suneve. All production is taking place in Europe under the supervision of the Label itself. Materials should be recyclable or even have been already recycled.

Our store is located here: Maison Suneve/ Marktstrasse 1/ 20357 Hamburg