New upcycling project ,Suneve Rework'

New upcycling project ,Suneve Rework'

The first Maison Suneve upcycling collection was designed and produced within the Corona Pandemic 2020. The focus was to upcycle sportswear from well-known brands.

After initial, strongly positive feedback, Katharina aims to make Upcycling a central component of her business model. Subsequent collections are to take up thematically different branches of the fashion industry.

The Label Maison Suneve, based in Hamburg, was founded in 2011 by Designer and Artist Katharina Czemper. It blurs the boundaries between fashion, art and club culture. Characterized by street styles of the 90s, combined with french elements, inspired by beats and dreams. Maison Suneve’s mission was always to rethink, rebuild and reimagine fashion.

With the upcycling project ,Suneve Rework’, Katharina takes the next step of elevating what Maison Suneve stands for and fusing it with a new state of consciousness. Suneve Rework lives at the forefront of combining fashion and sustainability, responsibility with fun, art with pragmatic environmentalism. The collection encapsulates the moment when a beat permeates a crowd, collectively moving towards the promise of a better tomorrow. It carries the spirit of being able to rework the world together and in sync – attesting to stories, rebellion and faith.

Many fashion brands have already spoken out in favor of more sustainability, we love that. But really, how many pieces are thrown away within your company because of over- or faulty production? We would love to work out creative solutions to extend the product life cycle of your textiles and help you to remain relevant in the mindest of the next generation. Rework is a universal approach to fashion – what started with sportswear is perfectly applicable to other branches of the industry. Next collection in the pipeline: rework couture.

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